VIDEO | Amazing Surfing Technology | The Perfect Wave Has Arrived

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This is a Game Changer in Surfing Technology

As a lifelong surfer, I am in awe of what Kelly Slater and his company have accomplished.  We have always searched for the perfect wave.  Not only is the experience of surfing a perfect wave amazing but you can practice.

This is such amazing technology and hard work that went into this.  Hopefully I get to surf on it some day, I am guessing these will be all over the world!

The first time I heard about this amazing project was at an Advisory Board meeting for the San Diego Sports Innovators.  We were treated to the story of Quicksilver by Robert B. McNight and in that story he glowingly told us about the new wave he and Kelly had been working on for years and were about to release.

As our Company, Bloom Squared, LLC gets more involved with SDSI we are hoping to make early stage investments in technology and products in the active sports industry space.  This one gives us hope and was a dream come true for the participants.

Tweet from Kelly Slater and Kelly Slater Wave Company;

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