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How To Grow Peas

Learn How To Grow Peas Till Harvest Peas(Pisum Sativum) is a first spring crop. You can say it, a nature-gifted candy. What can be better than home-growing peas? To get the actual taste, you have to eat this fresh. My mother always adds them to meat or pasta. Occasionally, we enjoy cooked peas as evening …

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shampoo ginger lily

Shampoo ginger lily

Everything About Shampoo Ginger Lily Have you ever heard about the shampoo ginger lily? It is a fascinating plant. Tropical India, Malaysia, and Indonesia are their native countries. The scientific name “Zingiber Zerumbet” is usually known as Shampoo ginger, Awapuhi, Red pinecone ginger, wild ginger, Bitter ginger, and Zerumbet ginger. What Is Shampoo Ginger Lily: …

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