33 Best Low-Light Indoor Plants

Indoor plants

Hey, do you have a space in your house? And you want to decorate this? Then why do you not snag some beautiful low light indoor plants? Indoor plants can upgrade your home, and incorporating greenery can make a huge change even in a small place. Indoor plants add beauty to your home. They also promote a positive mood and purify the air. You can also feel connected with nature while staying at home. You can be someone other than an expert in selecting an indoor plant.


We have provided some best indoor plants below to flaunt gorgeous greenery for your space. Pick what works for you and start a new journey to be a good plant parent.


Best Low Light Indoor Plants:

1 Pothos:

marble pothos
  • Silver satin pothos has shimmery leaves when touched by light.

  • This plant is usually fuss-free and easy to maintain.

  • Allow it partial to bright indirect light, and pour some water when the soil is mostly dry.

Tip: Cutting their stems, you can Propagate this plant and expand your tree family quickly.

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2 Peace lily:

peach lily indoor plants


  • These plants are the best indoor plants low light.

  • It requires medium to low light.

  • Ensure the top of the soil is always moist (not soggy). And you can have beautiful and blooming lilies in no time.

3 Silver dollar plant:

silver dollar plants
  • Silver dollar plant is also known as Lunaria, a money plant.

  • This plant does well in full sun and partial shade locations. But to get flowers, give them eight hours of sunlight daily. It requires moist soil.

One positive side: The plant does attract butterflies.

4 Chinese money plants:

Chinese money plants


  • The Chinese money plant is also known as Pilea.

  • Keep them in a bright space. They do not require direct sun.

  • If you are a person who needs to remember to pour water into the plant daily, then this plant is perfect for you. Depending on the temperature of your house, once a week watering is enough for it.

  • Rotate it at least once weekly to prevent it from getting lopsided.

5 Jade plant:

Jade indoor plants


  • It requires very little water. Pour water when the soil has completely dried.

  • Jade prefers medium light for a few hours.

  • If everything is going well, you might see pink flower blossoms.

6 Oxalis:

Oxalis indoor plants
  • It prefers bright space but indirect sun.

  • Watering when the soil is 50-70 percent dry.

  • Usually, room temperature is perfect for oxalis, but they cannot survive in hot temperatures above 75-80 degrees.

Warning: If you have a cat or dog in your house, be careful, this plant can be toxic for your pet.

7 String of pearls:

String of pearls indoor plants
  • You can get a cascade of succulent strands of pearls by keeping this plant in light but indirect sun.

  • Water them perfectly


Tip: This plant looks good in a hanging pot.

8 Juniper Bonsai:

Juniper Bonsai indoor plants


  • Juniper Bonsai is a magnificent and perfect tree as an office tree or living room tree.

  • It requires at least one to two hours of direct sunlight every day.

  • Water them every day.

9 Dracaena Gold Star:

Dracaena Marginata plants
  • If you are a plant parent who forgets to pour water on your plant, this plant can tolerate your neglect.

  • It can easily survive even in low light.

Tip: This plant is perfect for enhancing the beauty of a corner space.

10 Asparagus Fern:

Asparagus Fern indoor plants


  • This splendid feathery fern looks soft and fuzzy.

  • It is a low-maintenance plant.

  • Asparagus requires low light indirect sunlight.

  • Watering when dry.

11 Citrus tree:

Citrus tree


  • This tree can add a refreshing aroma to your house.

  • It can survive in low light. Keep it in direct sunlight for 5-6 hours daily if you want fruit.

  • Allow the soil to dry through interval watering.

12 Monstera Deliciosa:

  • It will give a tropical vibe to your home.

  • Deliciosa requires bright indirect sunlight and partial shade.

  • Watering every two weeks

Tip: It can be toxic for your cats and dogs.

13 Anthurium:


  • It requires bright indirect light. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves.

  • Allow the soil to dry between each watering.

14 Rubber Plant:

Rubber indoor plants

  • This plant is one of the best natural air cleaners.

  • Watering when the soil dries.

  • It requires bright and indirect sun.

15 Fiddle-Leaf Fig:

  • It can upgrade the look of the corner space of your home.

  • Fiddle fig requires bright indirect sunlight.

  • Watering when the top of the soil gets dry out.

16 Snake Plant:

  • The snake plant is also called (Mother-In-Law’s Tongue)

  • This plant is so easy to maintain.

  • It can also survive in low light and lack of water.

  • You can decorate your hall corner with this beautiful plant.

17 Grafted Ficus Bonsai:

Grafted ficus bonsai indoor plants
  • If you are looking for a small desk plant, this plant is perfect.

  • Bonsai requires low to bright light in the indirect sun.

  • It can tolerate irregular watering.

  • This plant is best for your office desk.

18 Lemon Button Fern:

Lemon Button Fern indoor plants


  • It can survive low or bright light and indirect sun.

  • Do not let the water fully dry out. Water at least once a week to maintain the moisture of the soil.

  • Be creative to get a great impression from it.

19 Bird Of Paradise:

Bird Of Paradise indoor plants


  • It prefers a bright sunny spot but can tolerate low light.

  • This plant is easy to maintain. Do not overwater it.

20 Sweetheart Plant:

Sweetheart indoor plants

  • This plant is such an adorable plant with low maintenance.

  • Water every two to three weeks when the soil gets dry.

  • Usually prefer bright sun but can also tolerate bright indirect light.

21 African Violet:

African Violet indoor plants


  • It prefers bright indirect sun but can not tolerate direct sun.

  • Keep the soil moist but not overwater.

22 ZZ Plant:


  • It requires less water.

  • ZZ plants prefer bright indirect light but also tolerate low light.

23 Succulents:


  • They require direct sun or bright indirect space.

  • Water between two or three weeks.

24 Begonia:

Begonia indoor plants


  • Keep it in light shade.

  • Let the soil dry completely between watering.

25 Bunny Ear cactus:


  • If you are looking for a low-maintenance cactus, this plant is perfect.

  • It just requires plenty of sun.

  • Watering when dry.

26 Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera indoor plants


  • Besides its skin and. hair benefits, it is suitable as an indoor plant.

  • Put it in a bright space to get great results.

  • This plant is flexible, and you can grow it in any container.

27 Parlor palm:

Parlor palm indoor plants


  • This plant is best for beginners.

  • It can tolerate low light and lower temperatures.

  • Avoid overwatering and direct sun.

28 Coffee plants:

Coffee indoor plants


  • This plant smells so good.

  • It can survive in low light.

  • Water it regularly. Otherwise, it can dry.

29 Peperomia:


  • It prefers medium to bright, indirect light but can tolerate low light.

  • Let the soil dry out between watering.

  • Avoid direct sun.

30 Bird’s Nest Fern:

Bird’s Nest Fern plants


  • This plant is best for your bathroom and can flourish next to your shower.

  • It requires indirect light and a humid environment.

31 Chinese Evergreen plants:

Chinese Evergreen plants


  • It can flourish in low to medium light or indirect sunlight.

  • Avoid overwatering.

  • This beautiful plant can give a gorgeous look to your house.

32 Spider Plant:

Spider indoor plants
  • It requires occasional watering.

  • The light requirement is bright indirect light.

Tip: Hanging planter can be a good choice for this plant.

33 Dracaena Marginata:

Dracaena Marginata indoor plants
  • This plant is easy-maintaining.

  • It prefers bright and indirect light but can survive in lower light too.

  • Marginata requires water when the top of the soil gets dry.

Tip: It can be toxic to pets.

Hope through this information you can find the perfect low light indoor plants for your place. If this information is helpful then please let us know.