Varieties Of Pothos

Satin pothos

Pothos varieties are a very common and affordable houseplant ever. Because of low maintenance, it is ideal for beginners also. This plant is from the Epipremnum genus species aureum. Usually, pothos is a slow cultivator that can easily survive indoors. 

There are numerous pothos varieties available. You can read about different pothos varieties here.

10 Types Of Pothos Varieties:

1 Golden Pothos

2 Marble Queen Pothos

3 N-joy Pothos

4 Pearls And Jade Pothos

5 Manjula Pothos

6 Neon Pothos

7  Satin Pothos

8 Dragon’s Tail Pothos

9 Cebu Blue Pothos

10 Jessenia Pothos


Let’s discuss them in detail:

1 Golden pothos:

Golden pothos

As a beginner, you can start your gardening journey with golden pothos. This pothos is very easy to find and requires low maintenance. It is a tropical plant with a beautiful golden-yellow spot on green, heart-shaped leaves. When they get support to climb on, they develop their leaves. It can do well as a ground cover.

Leaves shaped:  Heart-shaped.

Leaves Color: Green leaves with golden-yellow variegation.

Sunlight: Low to the bright indirect sun.

Suitable place: You can hang them, center them on the tabletop, or grow them in your garden.

2 Marble Queen Pothos:

Marble queen pothos

Marble pothos looks stunning with their variegation of white and green. They can give your place an eye-catchy look. This pothos contains chlorophyll, which makes it a slow grower plant.

Due to the slow-growing habit, it is ideal for the tabletop.

Marble pothos needs a bright place. Lacking proper light can turn the leaf’s color fully green and slow the growing process.


Leaves color: white and green.

Light requirement: Prefer medium to the bright indirect sun.

Suitable place: Perfect as a tabletop and enhance the look of the furniture.

3 N-joy Pothos:

N-joy pothos

N-joy pothos is a spanking pothos in pothos varieties. It is not widely accessible like any other pothos. This pothos is perfect for a bookshelf or tabletop as a slow-grower plant. Because of its color variegation with green, white/cream can give your place a stunning and eye-catchy look.


You might mix it with Pearls and jade pothos. They have an almost similar appearance. To differentiate them, remember that the n-joy pothos has no green on their white/cream area, while the pearls and jade pothos have several green spots on their white/cream area.

Leaves color: Green, white/cream.

Suitable place: Bookshelf or tabletop.

Light requirement: Medium to the bright indirect sun.

Temperature: 10-35 degrees celsius.

4 Pearls And Jade Pothos:

Pearl and jade pothos

The pearls and jade pothos has striking color variegation of green, white, or cream. It is a slower cultivator plant. As a terrarium plant or houseplant, this plant will be perfect. It can enhance the value of your place. Ensuring bright indirect light is essential to prevent the beauty of the leaves. Lack of proper light can turn the whole leaf green.

Leaves color: Green, white, or cream.

Suitable place: Bookshelf, tabletop, or an open terrarium.

Temperature: 10-35 degrees Celsius.

Light requirement: The bright indirect sun.

5 Manjula Pothos:

Manjula pothos

They have lovely leaves with curved tips that are heart-shaped and variegated. The University of Florida developed it and still holds the patent. Manjula pothos is more expansive and rare than any other pothos. This plant loves the bright place, and light plays a vital role in its color. 

Light requirement: Bright and indirect.

Leaves color: Green, white, silver, or cream.

Suitable place: They can thrive well in a humid environment, so it is preferable to place them in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. You can also use a humidifier.

6 Neon Pothos:

Neon pothos

Among all pothos varieties, neon pothos owns the perfect heart-shaped leave. They are known for their beautiful neon green color. These pothos can give a luminescent look to your garden or your place. It prefers bright areas, and darkness can change the neon green to darker. So to maintain the perfect neon color, ensure a lighted space for them with indirect sun.


Leaves color: Bright neon green-yellow.

Suitable place: Bathroom, kitchen, office desk, or garden.

Light requirement: Medium-bright indirect sun.

Temperature: 13-35 degrees Celsius.


7 Satin Pothos:

The genus of satin pothos is not similar to other pothos. Unlike pothos varieties, they are from the genus Scindapsus. Satin pothos has captivating heart-shaped leaves.

Yellowish-green dots on dark green leaves will provide a spanking look to your place. This pothos usually grows faster, similar to vines.


Leaves color: Dark green heart-shaped leaf with light green splatters.

Light requirement: It prefers low-bright, indirect sun.

8 Dragon’s Tail Pothos:

Dragon’s Tail Pothos

Dragon’s Tail Pothos does not belong similar genus to other pothos. It is from Epipremnum pinnatum. This plant looks charming with beautiful jade green leaves. Dragon’s tail loves the humid environment. 

Leaves color: Glossy jade-green.

Light Requirement: Bright indirect sun

Suitable place: Balcony, bathroom, kitchen.

9 Cebu Blue Pothos:

Cebu pothos

Cebu pothos is an ideal indoor plant that looks appealing with its distinctive blue-green leaves. You can propagate them by cutting the stem. Put the Cebu plant in a bright place with indirect sun.

Leaves color: Blue-green leaves 

Light Requirement: Bright indirect sun

Humidity: They love humidity.

Warning: This plant can be very toxic to cats and dogs.

10 Jessenia Pothos:

Jessenia Pothos

Jessenia pothos is one the most beautiful and suitable indoor plants. It is slow cultivator than any other pothos. With its heart-shaped, variegation lime-green scatter of golden color, this trailing vine can bring a gorgeous and vigor vibe to your place.


Leaves color: Lime-green and golden 

Light Requirement: Bright indirect sun

Temperature: 21-32 degrees Celsius

How To Care For And Grow Pothos Varieties:

Pothos is a common and popular houseplant because of its easy maintenance. It can easily tolerate the ignorance of the plant parent and also can survive with less water or minimum sunlight.

Light requirement:

Almost all pothos varieties require bright indirect sun. But be aware of the light. The variegated pothos can lose their variegation for lacking proper light. On the other hand, excessive or direct sun can burn the leaves or make them pale.


You can maintain a perfect color by changing the position of your pothos. Selecting the ideal location can fix the color damage.

Soil requirement:

Usually, pothos has no individual demands. In potting soil that is moist and well-drained, they can easily thrive. It’s best for them if the ground is neutral to acidic.

Water requirement:

Pothos does not require much water. When the leaves start to bend, they need water. Soggy soil can cause black spots on leaves. And the brown scars indicate a lack of water. Do not overwater, as it might cause rot roots.

Temperature and humidity:

Pothos can easily thrive at an average room temperature. However,  a temperature between 18-23 degrees Celsius is best for them. This tropical vine loves humidity. You can keep them in the bathroom or kitchen. But no worries, you do not need a humidifier, as they can survive in low humidity too.

Propagating Method:

By cutting the stem, you can propagate pothos. Here are some steps you need to follow to propagate your plant:

Step 1

Take a sharp knife and cut a healthy stem minimum of 3 leaves.

Cutting stem

Step 2

Put the stem in a water jar.  But be careful the leaves should not touch the water.

stem in water pot

Step 3

After a few weeks, the root will germinate.

New core

Step 4

Once you see the core, place the stem in potting soil and give some water.

Potting plant

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